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Introducing Motion Graphic Templates (MOGRTs)

Converting your existing GFX into MOGRTs pays off.

I remember leaving work on a busy night shift, I asked one of our editors if he would be having to stay working on late to complete his deliverables list. He said no, he wouldn’t have to stay late.. all thanks to my mogrts.


I then understood how beneficial the MOGRTs that I’d created had been for the wider team. Time well spent.


Let me support your Design & Production team by creating MOGRTS for you or let me train your teams to do so.


-Deliver graphics in multiple sizes and formats: 1x1,16x9, 9x16, 4x5 .

-Liberate your designers from producing every single instance and size version of lower-thirds or titles.

-Reduce the back-and-forth corrections process, as typos can be amended in the edit, without going back to the design team.

-No need for your editors to jump between applications with complex and unfamiliar interfaces to find the right layer to fill in details, such as names or sports scores. Everything can be built/updated within Premiere Pro.

-Everything can be neatly incorporated into a single MOGRT.

-Your editors will be able to change the overall duration and animate-in and off timing, as well as the output size and other features, fill in details, select badges, insert photos, etc. easily using the drop down menus.

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